Best of Bandcamp's Best - Vol. 1

by Bandcamp's Best

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This compilation is a culmination of the best independent music found on Bandcamp throughout 2011. Each track page contains a link to the musician's individual Bandcamp page.


released February 20, 2012

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Track Name: Amy Seeley - Shoemaker
O to the shoemaker 
they forced your exit out the side door
when you found out you weren’t made for it
laces undone no need for repairs anymore

I see you doubt in the thousands of minutes
oh rest assured you have no need but one

To be a shoemaker
weaving the needle and thread with a force
gently piece together one sole at a time
but now it’s time for yours
Track Name: Jeff Pianki - Old Habits
Four days and a call that didn't come through
Cold air and a love that never grew

So why'd you keep me around?
why'd you keep me around?
Just stumbling in the dark, dear
Just stumbling in the dark

Four months and a man walks up to you
Forget every lie, just tell the truth

Why'd you keep him around?
why'd you keep him around?
Just stumbling in the dark, dear
Just stumbling in the dark

Four years and a new man falls for you
So why fight it when you think you might love him too?

Old habits die hard or never do
Keep lying 'till they all catch up to you

But you should keep him around
You should keep him around
Don't throw him in the dark, dear
Don't throw him in the dark
Track Name: Lord Huron - We Went Wild
She was wise beyond all others.
On the island she was my lover.
We went wild and it almost killed me, I was blind.
But for thirteen days of sun and her I thought I'd never die.

I couldn't get tired, although I should have been sleeping.
For the first time I wasn't hard of feeling.
And at night, while the others were dreaming, we went wild.
We'd go running through the temples and the forests of the isle.
For thirteen of those sleepless nights I thought I'd never die.

I don't know what the hell it was that gave us so much life. On the island we went wild, we never closed our eyes. Don't know where she's gone or what she's done to who since then. She loved me right into the ground. I won't go wild again.

I thought good times could last forever.
Long nights and perfect weather.
I tried to never say never, but I was wrong.
The wildness of those days couldn't last for long.
I woke up on the beach one day and found that she had gone.
The rains had come, there was no sun, I felt so deadly tired.
After thirteen days of loving her I felt like I could die.
We went wiiiild.
Track Name: Birds & Batteries - Strange Kind of Mirror
If you turn around, we go back
Like a train runs on a track
We used to put that record on
Long ago but not that long...

And now your singin' a song
That I knew when I was young
We can only see ourselves
In the people we love
And its a strange kind of mirror
Yeah its a strange kind of mirror

Well I live through you
And you live through me
I wouldn't know me
If I didn't know you
And we live what we see
We live vicariously
We can only see ourselves
We can only see ourselves
And it's a strange kind of mirror

Well we pull as we connect
We absorb as we reflect
And there is another side
And its not that hard to find...

But the more that I hate
The more I can't relate
There must be something in me
That I don't wanna see
And you remind me
You remind me
Of how bad I can be
And it's a strange kind of mirror

And to the people we discard
I know your workin' hard
But you don't talk like me
We sure as hell don't agree
And I can tell
That your angry
But that just makes me angry

But the more that I love
The more I'll rise above
There must be something in me
That I'm trying to see
And you remind me
You remind me
Of how good I could be
And it's a strange kind of mirror
Track Name: Balto - The Railyard
Oh my sweet little darling dear
When these words reach your ears I’ll be long gone from here
All alone in a railyard, the shrill whistle blows
Oh where I’m a-going really god only knows

I’ll call her Eliza, the girl with no name
All wrapped up in silence, in secrets, in pain
In north country winter, both tied to the road
Smiled and said nothing, I bared her my soul

And I know that I loved her, but I couldn’t say why
And all of that silence might well have been lies
She cried out “I love you, but I’ll never be free.
There ‘aint no use guessing, just forget about me.”

It’s lonesome out here on the road
Where the last points of fire that light the night sky
Burn down to their embers and flicker and die
My fingers go numb in the cold
Where the last little spark that’s disrupting the dark
Is that last bit of feeling that’s left in my heart

My footsteps were haunted for many long weeks
I couldn’t find shelter in those dull dusty streets
So I found me a railcar with no windows, no doors
Poured out all my love on the cold rusty floor

And in the gray morning I was long gone, away
In a far eastern country where the language is strange
Where the seabirds they circle no ocean nearby
Like lost souls they’re crying, lamenting their plight

The sun rises and sets in the same goddamn place
Shadows circle my body and laugh in my face
Though I set out to find me a whole brand new life
I don’t want to forget her, I don’t want to die
Track Name: Shakey Graves - Business Lunch
Come skin your knees with us. Life's too short for a business lunch.
Track Name: Everyman of Parts - Handlebars
Take a ride with me. I'll take it
slowly. (As) slow as you can
handle so hold on to both the
handlebars watch for cars and go...

But don't grow up too fast
'Cause you have too much time to
spend to find adventure
Don't grow up too fast

Take a ride with me I'll take it
slowly (as) slow as you can
handle so hold on to both the
handlebars watch for cars and go...

Go barefoot in the grass
'Cause you have too much time to
spend to find adventure
barefoot in the grass
Track Name: Kg & the Storytellers - Enlightened One (the Buddha song)
Whoa, Everybody needs, just a little bit of patience in their life...
Everybody wants to feel it coming faster!
Whoa, I think everybody needs to chill, and baby take a little time....
& live on happily ever after!

I, think you're gonna see the light,
just live & let others be,
whether it's day or night,
allow Yourself to be Free!
Listen the Your heart beat!
Try it out, You'll see... don't simply take it from me~

~just like there's a Buddha in You... let the Peaceful Energy through~