Best of Bandcamp's Best - Vol. 2

by Bandcamp's Best

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    Bonus Track: A short greeting from Søren Andreasen (Author of "Hello Day") that explains the inspiration behind his most recent electronic-folk exploration "Barefoot Memories".




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This compilation is a culmination of the best independent music found on Bandcamp so far discovered in 2012. Each track page contains a link to the musician's individual Bandcamp page.


released October 25, 2012

Compilation Compiler / Music Reviewer / Awesomeness Curator - Mark Dowdell (

All songs are the property of the respective artists and Bandcamp's Best takes no credit for their creation. For more info on each artist, click on the track names above.



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Track Name: Balto - Airplanes
As a child I looked at airplanes
Learned all their technical names
I never could guess what they’d do

And I spent my youth waiting in airports
Convinced of a purpose
I’m lit up, I’m love, I’m a man

And I’ve rented rooms that change with the seasons
I forget the reasons
The bottom falls out, I’m alone

I hid in the corner, the tanks on parade down below
Looking back homewards, shedding old tears for you

But can I stay with you just for a little while
Been trouble all behind
And lying here beside you
Hell I want to get it right this time


When I make it home I’ll hand out key-chains
And souvenir ashtrays
But I’ll save the full story for you

When I make it home, get a house like my brothers’
And be a good husband
All simple and static and whole

I’ll probably be older, when the fever burns out of my mind
But I gotta tell you, I’m lit-up, I’m filled up and trying
Track Name: The Artifacts - Faces
you're not getting more from me
I don't know the question
you're not getting more from me

cold and wild and free
it crawls to the horizon
and keeps your far from me

I don't see your face here anymore

laden looks lay softly
move just like a mystery
I'm not giving up on you

quiet when it rumbles
stumbles cross the ocean
and stretches far to you

I don't see your face anymore
Track Name: Pinegrove - The Metronome
The night my
necklace fell off
you fluttered through my
capillaries like a
stone moth.

I agree with your ideas but not your tactics
so look me in the eye & be practical.
When practically there’s nothing left for me to say or do,
it’s only up to you.

A live ladybug
trapped between my toes:
keep it together man,
we’re all connected now,
stay composed.

I agree with your ideas but not your tactics
so look me in the eye & be practical.
Practically there’s nothing left for me to say or do,
it’s only up to you.

The current picture: the metronome;
I don’t know what this is but it’s not my home.

I thought that we were falling in love.
But we weren’t; only I was.

I agree with your ideas but not your tactics
so look me in the eye & be practical.
When practically there’s nothing left for me to say or do,
it’s only up to you.
Track Name: The Novel Ideas - Promise
Here we are now in the backyard
On the warm ground out at sundown
But in twelve days I'll be halfway
Cross the world, I'm too tired to be afraid

You've got green eyes, I had foresight
When I said we'd be good I was so right
If we lay here, spend every day here
Well our legs might take root and we'll grow dear

I made a promise to you

I'd protect you if I had to
So the bad parts never get through
From the outside into your life
We can try but we might have some hard nights

Now we can't speak 'neath the pine trees
And I swear that there's air but I can't breathe
I need your heat, I've got cold feet
It's the thought that still makes this so easy

I made a promise to you
That we'd still feel brand new
That we'd still feel something

She's not too fond of history
Hearing loud of abrasive speech
She's unique in the way she eats oh yeah she loves me
Why she does hell I cannot say
I can't seem to stay in one place
Always gone and I'm far away from the smile on her face

Was it something that I couldn't say?
Fast enough to get away
And though I tried to make a clean escape
You left me with an even break

And i think I saw myself in you
But I think you saw a proper fool
And I know we broke every rule
With everything we didn't do

I'll remember every day
If you remember every dumb mistake
That you made cause you were late
But its my fault I made you wait

In this city I cant speak
Well you know this place is killing me
And it's harder to believe
But it's hard enough to watch you leave
Track Name: Bravestation - Western Thrills
I'm anchored in your eyes & I have to know / Are you headed for the thrills of the western shores
Why are you always running / Don't go
I fought for all that we had / Pictures of us all learning
Hunters would love what we have / You keep us all up learning

Artless summer you had it all
Heartless summer youʼve had it all
With the bones of the lonely we lay
I have to follow you / I have to follow through

Mystic mile had a wishing well where you could call me a controller
The morning of the night that I broke the spell you said don't drink the river
Dance on the ice above the only thing I love
Iʼm a youthful man caught inside a poor old thing and I wonʼt taste the river

I'll be right there / I'll be right there just to show you how much I care Youʼre running to the start / Youʼre always on my mind
Youʼre running through the dark / Youʼre hunting all my time
Track Name: Hip Hatchet - American Charm
I'll be leaving my modest hills
leaving you behind for a city
press your head into my arm
your mouth is young but your heart is strong

You look beautiful in your black dress
with your golden arms falling down like your tress
look at my face as you close the door
and step over the dirty clothes on the floor

With eyes like summer
and hands so tame
she said that every good song
mentions rain

Break my chest
with your American charm
the stories of your mother
and the family farm

I know my breath
is dark and wet
won't you come by
all my friends have left

We've been drinking
and laughing hard
telling all the stories
of our calloused palms

Don't look so scared with my hands in your hair
the darkness that they've known has gone away
Pull back the shade and look outside
the rain isn't warm like your hand in mine.

I am looking forward to turning cold
My orange rusted orange neck turning gold.
the way you wear your smile is to sweet to be
dark until you decide to come back to me